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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by Andy Harmsen


Local Sound

The Sindicate is often the soundtrack to downtown Vancouver’s weekend scene, blending the passion of reggae with hard-edged rock. They can be found performing at Malibu’s or Brickhouse, and they scored a spot as the house band during The Chuck and Buck Show, a comedy act styled as a late-night talk show, Tuesday nights at Dante’s in Portland. When you make it out to their next show at Brickhouse, be sure to order their signature drink, the Sindicate Bomb. (vanc)

The Outer Space Heaters are self-described as the soundtrack to our dying Sun — the group has a space-rock meets post-surf sound with technically demanding guitar compositions. Think Dick Dale meets MuteMath. The four-piece has been a mainstay at several Portland rock venues, including The Red Room and Plan B. Their recently released EP is available on their Facebook, along with a list of their upcoming shows. (vanc)                                                      

MCBC, aka Brian Christina, is a Vancouver native that began rapping just four years ago. Familiar with the instrumental and production side of music, he found his niche as a performer and has opened for big-name acts such as DJ Quik and Akil, Jurassic 5’s emcee. Check out his Bandcamp for MCBC’s latest mixtape, The Unreleased 2012 Collabos Collection, featuring MCBC’s collaborations during 2012. (vanc)

In Public View recently reunited as a four-piece last year after a long sabbatical, and has made their presence known by blasting high-energy, dynamically rich modern rock led with intense, melodic vocals. They perform memorable, charismatic concerts several times each month at bars around downtown. Updates on their show schedule and new releases are available on their website. (vanc)

Headshapes creates a thick blend of guitar and bass loops, live percussion from two drummers, and androgynous vocals that rarely follow conventional rhythms or melodies. They create a sweet and dissonant emotional trek in the listeners’ mind, which some have described as a synesthetic musical experience. They’re currently working on their first release. (vanc)


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